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Grand Lake Sportsmen’s Club

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NOTE:  email will be used to send meeting notifications, reminders, fall dinner invitation, etc.  Your email will not be shared with anyone outside of the Grand Lake Sportsmen’s club without prior authorization.  Your email helps the club save money on postage. 

 ANNUAL DUES $15.00    OR   $70 FOR 5 YEARS

PLEASE MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO: Grand Lake Sportsmen’s Club. Send application and check to:  PAUL BORG, 20525 U.S. 23 S., PRESQUE ISLE, MI. 49777.

 Thank you for your interest, we look forward to seeing you at a future meeting and/or project.  Our monthly meetings are the second Monday of each month, except March and November, at 7pm, in the Presque Isle Township Hall (12653 E. GRAND LAKE RD).

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Our mission is to work with and educate adults and kids, the importance of environmental and conservation issues and enhancement, to perpetuate and preserve the fish, wildlife, forest and land resources in a way that will maximize the benefit of these resources for this generation and all generations to come.