Grand Lake Sportsmen

The Grand Lake Sportsmen’s Club was chartered in 1965 by a group of people from around Grand Lake in Northeast Michigan and the area. This was a group of people that came together and decided chili cook off fund raiserthat an organization was needed to create a better fishery in Grand Lake by working with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and building and placing artificial fish habitat.

fish shelterThey originally built 25 fish shelters, with cedar logs, rocks and brush. Since that time many more have been placed. As time went by they started a summer and winter free fishing derby. They also saw a need for cleaning up discarded debris from along the shoulders of the roads,  so they joined the State and county Adopt-A-Highway program.

Since the beginning the Club has taken on many other projects and will continue doing so as long as there is a need.

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Our mission is to work with and educate adults and kids, the importance of environmental and conservation issues and enhancement, to perpetuate and preserve the fish, wildlife, forest and land resources in a way that will maximize the benefit of these resources for this generation and all generations to come.