Club Information

You may be interested in knowing the following about our club.

  • Meeting Schedule
  • Non-profit status
  •                   President: DENNIS FAUVER
  •                   Vice President: BARBARA  FREUDENMUTH
  •                   Secretary :HELEN RYGWELSKI
  •                   Treasurer: PAUL BORG
  •                   Board Members: JAN MEABON (membership coordinator), MARY JO SKIBA, RANDY PEEBLES, BOB HOFFMEYER (Adopt-A Highway coordinator), MIKE FREUDENMUTH, MATT GRAHAM & TERRY McConnell (fish derby coordinator)
  • For more information about the Grand Lake Sportsmen’s Club or to become a member (open to anyone). Please contact Dennis Fauver (989-595-2998) or Helen Rygwelski (989-595-2736)

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Our mission is to work with and educate adults and kids, the importance of environmental and conservation issues and enhancement, to perpetuate and preserve the fish, wildlife, forest and land resources in a way that will maximize the benefit of these resources for this generation and all generations to come.